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Our Granny Flats are Built to Last

Long-term-durability is not a sexy notion, but it is a prudent one.
Pre-fab granny flats and extra-light-framed structures parade their affordability price tags in front of investors and home owners. This flashy and pleasing notion of ‘cheapness’ often hides reduction in quality, which potentially has serious negative affects on you, the purchaser.
From the inside, these less pricey granny flats may look suitably impressive, habitable and might well conform to the building code, however before you allow these first impressions to influence your wallet, consider the long-term durability of the granny flat, and especially the re-sale value of the property it places itself on. A granny flat is not a short-term alternative.
At All Custom Granny Flats we believe that a granny flat should be viewed and treated as an extension to a home. The look and feel of our granny flats are paralleled to new project homes. We bring warmth and depth to the build with design that is stylish to suit your budget, and we pride ourselves on quality and durability.
 We guarantee durability by building with:
 -a standard fully engineered concrete raft slab
-90mm thick walls (treated timber or steel ) spaced at 450 centres throughout
-an engineered roof truss pitched at a minimum 20 degree slope (this can even be used for extra storage in the roof space!)
-a concrete tiled roof or colorbond that compliments the existing home
All of these attributes make up our standard granny flat, a granny flat that is built to withstand the harsh Australian climate. In fact, we are so confident in the build of our granny flats that we back our work with a 20 year structural guarantee!
Before purchasing your granny flat, get to know what you are buying; assess its long term durability and don’t be tempted by the cheaper imitations. To make the job easier for you, some questions you can ask yourself or friends and family, are:
-How will the flat appeal to a prospective tenant?
-If I were an investor, which granny flat property would I rather buy; the granny flat that looks and feels like a cabin,  or the one that looks and feels like a traditional home?
-If I were a tenant, which granny flat would I rent?
If you’re still unconvinced, here are some pointers to help you identify a cheap build:
-thinly sized piers
-low level flat skillion or low angled pitched roof
-iron cladding
-prefabricated sandwich walls
-small windows with a cabin-style appearance
-no eaves
-shaped like containers
-No covered entry porches or verandahs
-No rear exit / slider to private open space
For a stylish and durable granny flat build, be sure to call us at All Custom Granny Flats to arrange a free consultation, or simply call us to arrange a display visit of one of our current jobs.
We look forward to seeing you!
Traditional Granny Flats Sydnay
Traditional Granny Flat Traditional style build, proved and tested for maximum return
flat kit
Typical low level build and cabin style look - very non-appealing.


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