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Due to the recent changes in legislation, Granny Flats are now easier and faster to build in your own backyard and have become a viable solution for many.

All Custom Granny Flats realizes everyone has different needs and requirements for a granny flat. Some may not even realize they need a granny flat.

Our goal is to find out what you need, then offer a solution that suits you, your property, your budget, and your requirements.

Whether you are looking for an affordable investment opportunity or have family members such as parents, grandparents, teenage children you want to keep close, a business that requires an office, studio or even gym…. The opportunities are endless.., Click below to see how a granny flat is a solution for you.

So You Are ?

Family or couples with elderly parents

A granny flat is the perfect solution for those with elderly parents, friends or relatives that you want to keep close while they maintain their space and independence. The cost of setting the elderly up in a nursing home is on the rise; a granny flat saves this cost while keeping your loved ones close to home. As well as that the general cost of living is rising. A granny flat in your backyard is the perfect way to save on costs in the comfort of a small and affordable home that you can customize to facilitate for special needs.

A musician, beautician, hairdresser, artist that requires a working space

Do you specialize in a trade and have always dreamed of setting up your own business close to home? Or do you run an existing business but with a growing family you need something more practical? A granny flat is the perfect solution. In a struggling economy the cost for rental space is growing exponentially. Investing in a granny flat will assist growth for your business or trade and in the event you expand and need to relocate the space can easily be converted to a rental property. It can be set up to be an office close to home, a beauty salon, a hairdressers, a gym, a music studio, and art studio, a meeting room for clients and the list goes on.

Family or couple with extended family

Have a big family? But lacking the funds for additional housing for family members? A granny flat is cost effective way to provide additional housing without buying new land and property. A granny flat can be built cheaper than the cost of an extension and it provides your family with the privacy and space required.This could work for families with teenagers that require space for study, or the older kids that want privacy but aren’t quite financially set up or ready to move out. They could even find a flatmate and make extra money? Then you get the chance to make extra money by renting it out, if and when they do move out. The benefits never end.

Couples, single parents, young adults

These days to get a deposit for a home you are looking at $100,000 plus. If you require housing but haven’t quite got around to getting the funds together a granny flat in your family home backyard could be a realistic option. You can pay off rent at ‘mates rates’ and eventually own the granny flat and rent it out yourself to make extra money.

A home owner looking for an affordable investment opportunity.

If you need to generate additional income to pay off a mortgage or buy a new property a granny flat is the perfect opportunity to capitalize on an investment in a relatively lower margin. Granny flats offer very high investment returns of between 15-25% depending on location, size and quality of dwellling. Either at the back of your home to earn extra income or if you have an investment property with only one house on it, you are likely to turn a negative geared investment into a positive one i.e. from making a loss into a profit. There are numerous financial benefits like depreciation deductions, and if you have a self managed super fund you can use these funds and/or borrow money to invest in a granny flat, thus taking advantage of a lower tax rate of only 15%.