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GRANNY FLAT FACTS, unlock the full potential of your own backyard !

With the rising cost of housing in Sydney your back yard has become prime real estate. You could potentially be missing out on extra income as well as added value to your property.

The State government has made granny flats (secondary dwellings)in NSW easier and faster to build. Granny flats are now permitted in all residential zones across the state of NSW, subject to meeting the following requirements: ( see fact sheet )

• There is only one granny flat and house per block and the lot is not subdivided
• The maximum size of the granny flat is 60m2 or maximum area allowed by the local council
• The block size is greater than 450m2 and a frontage of 12m n.b. smaller blocks  may also gain approval, depending on situation
• The granny flat meets all the standard planning controls, like building heights and setbacks etc.
• The granny flat is built according to the Building Code of Australia

Granny flats may be approved in 21 days by a private certifier if they comply with the above and are not on heritage listed or bushfire prone lands. If however it does not comply, it can still be approved, but must pass through the DA council application process. See here for more industry news.

So, if you are after quality granny flats, Sydney presents no better time than right now particularly with a rising market, it makes sense to add value and space to your property, call us today to arrange a “no obligation” free quote.

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