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Improving your lifestyle or adding value to your property doesn’t have to cost a fortune.



As a licensed builder for over 25 years we are passionate & experienced in functional design, having the services of accredited designers this only enhances our core construction business. In the preliminary stage we need to look at your site and assess its viability. A minimum site area of 450 square metres and a 12 metre frontage is required however other controls need to be looked at to determine the criteria for approval . We will look at all the possibilities to achieve a solution and once we agree on the position and the layout we will provide a no obligation written quotation outlining the scope and price of  the work including all site costs. In many cases you can simply select from our plans or we can customize a design for you. Regulations allow you up to 60 sqm of space. Click here for our plans and specifications.

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We prepare and lodge all applications and do all the work for you. Once we have a design and scope, we work with accredited professionals who will most likely be required to provide their services to support the project application and ensure it meets approval. These usually consist of architects, engineers, surveyors, bushfire consultants and many more, all of whom will ensure that the necessary documentation is accurate before it is submitted to an accredited private certifier. The certifier will then normally approve within 21 working days. If for any reason your site does not qualify under the standard Certifying Development Certificate all is not lost, we may be able to go through the Development Application process through your local council. All you need to do is sit back and we will do the rest.

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Our experience team will do it all for you with little disturbance. Your solution in your own backyard. Affordable & Easy. In the 25 years of building we have been associated with various projects from detailed kitchens and bathrooms, to swimming pools  and double storey new homes we have basically “been there and done that” so your in good hands. Strong project management and excellent communication with you the customer from start to finish is what we do. Much of our work over the years is achieved from client referral and repeat business.  See here for our credentials.

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