Hi Tom,How are you – I trust you and the family are well?

Well, basically 12 months on and we just had the guy around to add some Colourbond mesh gutter-guard to keep the leaves out of Barbara’s gutters.  The guy who did it said he sees and works on a lot of granny flats and was very impressed with the quality of the build of ours.  He said he could tell just from walking on the roof, but also everything he looked at was done right and finished very well.  It’s not the first time we have heard that from various tradesmen we have had out to work on the main house or the yard.

This only confirms what we already knew.  You have built an excellent house for us and we are very pleased.  Barbara has settled in well and has been really happy with the house, the appliances and all the finishes.

I’m sure you don’t need any more testimonials since I know you must have a long list of happy customers, but please accept our thanks again for a job well done.


Matt Britton.

Yes, it was good to finally catch up.
Thank you once again for a great build – the folk at Raine & Horne said it is the best build they have seen. I’d also be happy to provide a reference for your website if needed.
Reply : No need Vaun happy to be of service :)

Vaun and Cheryl Peate.

Thanks Tom for doing such a good job, it is a really great feeling to have our own design come together on budget and on time. Your attention to detail during the build was excellent and we have no hesitation to recommend you as a quality granny flat designer and builder.

Julie and Richard Bird.

We wanted to make this special effort to pass on our best regards and thank you and your tradesman for an incredible job well done. From the very beginning planning stages, throughout the construction and right through to completion you have maintained an honest and professional attitude, always willing to mutually compromise on anything that arose. The 60sqm two bedroom granny flat you designed and constructed for us is of incredible quality and will generate an inspiring return for our family for many years to come.
The relationship established during the process has transcended the client-business relationship to the point of you being welcome to pop in any time if you’re in the area for a coffee, or preferably a beer. We wish you all the best and would be extremely happy to provide a verbal reference for any interested people.

Mark and Vanessa Hall

The relationship was great, Michael put his heart and soul into this project. Doing business with Contemporary Kit Homes was easy. I am not sure what goods and services they don’t offer, because what I asked for they could accommodate me. The service was fantastic. I never had any issues.

Leigh Teanby, Matraville

I have a very positive relationship with Contemporary Kit Homes. They are very friendly and approachable. Nothing is too much trouble. I feel valued. They always deliver when they say they will and communication is great.

K Byrne